The search for the truth

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The search for the truth is the effort to learn what information is correct so that it will be possible to know how to act in ways that will produce desirable results, or at least to have a greater understanding of the universe. ChildWiki, from its inception, has declared the search for the truth to be its paramount objective. All other objectives, including short-term political or tactical advantage, are as a matter of site policy to give precedence to the superordinate goal of finding the truth and helping others find it. Those groups that uphold this principle will hopefully be rewarded with a good reputation that attracts people interested in truly constructive dialog.

Parties to a dialog can sometimes be more productive by coming to an agreement on a set of principles of epistemology. Logicians generally agree that the search for the truth should involve the use of research and argumentation to uncover facts and use valid logic to draw sound conclusions.