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This is the table of contents of the ChildWiki miscellany book. (You can also view it as a category tree.)


ASFAR Declaration of Principles
The Americans for a Society Free from Age Restrictions (ASFAR) Declaration of Principles (version 8.2) is a document that was prepared as a summary of the organization's ideals.


Drake and Cathartes exchange
The Drake and Cathartes exchange, from 10 January 2014 to present, began with ChildWiki user Leucosticte's sharing with incarcerated pansexual feminist child liberationist anarcho-communist philosopher Vlad Draconis "Drake" PenDragon pro-eugenics ChildWiki user Cathartes' comments concerning execution, and escalated quickly.


Frequently Asked Questions
This FAQ answers many of the inquiries that frequently are made about ChildWiki.


Leucosticte's account of his 5 March 2014 block from Meta-Wiki
It seems useful to write up an account of why, on 5 March 2014, I was blocked from Meta-Wiki.


Pedosexualism is a religion, whose tenets were proclaimed to the world by Nathan Larson on 12 February 2014, which holds that the meaning and purpose of human existence is to have sex with children.
Proposed Virginia minors' emancipation proclamation
The proposed Virginia minors' emancipation proclamation suggests that Code of Virginia ยง 16.1-334 be amended to turn it into an emancipation proclamation for all minors.