Miscellany:Proposed Virginia minors' emancipation proclamation

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The proposed Virginia minors' emancipation proclamation suggests that Code of Virginia § 16.1-334 be amended to turn it into an emancipation proclamation for all minors. Additions are in italics and deletions are in strikethrough:


§ 16.1-334. Effects of order proclamation.

An order This proclamation that a all minor minors is be emancipated shall have the following effects:

  1. The Any minor may consent to medical, dental, or psychiatric care, without parental consent, knowledge, or liability;
  2. The Any minor may enter into a binding contract or execute a will;
  3. The Any minor may sue and be sued in his own name;
  4. The Any minor shall be entitled to his own earnings and shall be free of control by his parents or guardian;
  5. The Any minor may establish his own residence;
  6. The Any minor may buy and sell real property;
  7. The A minor may not thereafter be the subject of a petition under this chapter as abused, neglected, abandoned, in need of services, in need of supervision, or in violation of a juvenile curfew ordinance enacted by a local governing body;
  8. The Any minor may enroll in any school or college, without parental consent;
  9. The Any minor may secure a driver's license under § 46.2-334 or § 46.2-335 without parental consent;
  10. The parents of the a minor shall no longer be the guardians of the minor;
  11. The parents of a minor shall be relieved of any obligations respecting his school attendance under Article 1 (§ 22.1-254 et seq.) of Chapter 14 of Title 22.1;
  12. The parents of a minor shall be relieved of all obligation to support the minor;
  13. The Every minor shall be emancipated for the purposes of parental liability for his acts;
  14. The Any minor may execute releases in his own name;
  15. The A minor may not have a guardian ad litem appointed for him pursuant to any statute solely because of his he is under age eighteen; and
  16. The Any minor may marry without parental, judicial, or other consent.

The acts done when such order is or is purported to be in effect shall be valid notwithstanding any subsequent action terminating such order or a judicial determination that the order was void ab initio.

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