Gun ownership rights

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Gun ownership rights, when exercised by children, can be a source of enjoyment and of protection from aggressors who might otherwise take advantage of children's relatively small size and physical weakness. Laetus-in-Praesens notes that not only adults but also children are citizens and as such have a right and responsibility to help defend life, liberty and property. In modern times, children have only been allowed to possess toy guns, which are inadequate to the task: "Given the recognized importance of educating children for democracy, use of more authentic weaponry by children could be expected to engender and instill a more authentic and responsible understanding of democratic processes and their necessary checks and balances." The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution contains no mention of an age restriction on gun ownership.[1]


In all of these photos (with the exception of the Christmas one), the children are holding the guns with fingers straight and not on the trigger.