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Randomly featured article

ASFAR logo
Americans for a Society Free from Age Restrictions, also known as ASFAR Youth Liberation, is an organization dedicated to increasing the rights of youth under American law. The purpose of ASFAR is to "defend and advance the civil and human rights of young people through promoting the elimination and reform of laws that limit the freedom and self-determination of young people in the United States, and empowering young people to act on their own behalf in defense of their rights and freedoms."'"sociated with the youth rights movement, which advocates more freedom for young people and protection of their rights under law, in order to allow them the greatest degree of self-determination possible. As of November 2003, the organization's website at NearlyFreeSpeech.NET had stopped responding to requests. (more...)

Randomly featured quote

Lettie Cottin Pogrebin
"Children's liberation is the next item on our civil rights shopping list." — Lettie Cottin Pogrebin .

Randomly featured essay

The Descent of Chester by Ironclad
In the darkest, filthiest corners of Cyberspace lurks Uncle Chester, the Ultimate Predator and perpetrator of the Unspeakable Evil. He spends all of his waking hours preying on the defenseless, corrupted j-pegs and small, fuzzy vid caps. He robs the fiberoptic networks of their Federally-funded innocence. He noisily masturbates, forever scarring, shattering, and devastating the lives of countless imaginary children to fulfill his insatiable lusts. Everyone knows that no monster is more vile and no murderer is more despicable than this degenerate parasite. (more...)

Randomly featured miscellany

ASFAR Declaration of Principles
The Americans for a Society Free from Age Restrictions (ASFAR) Declaration of Principles (version 8.2) is a document that was prepared as a summary of the organization's ideals. Its preamble reads as follows:
We, the Americans for a Society Free from Age Restrictions believe that in a free society, government should allow its citizens the greatest degree of freedom as possible without placing the public safety in jeopardy. We believe that the spirit of the Constitution of the United States calls for such a policy. However, we believe that age-restrictive laws legislated by federal, state, and local governments in the United States violate such principles. Therefore, all laws that are based on age should be repealed, and all government policies that discriminate by age should be reversed. Some of those laws and policies are specified below.

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  • "I believe that censorship grows out of fear, and because fear is contagious, some parents are easily swayed. Book banning satisfies their need to feel in control of their children's lives. This fear is often disguised as moral outrage. They want to believe that if their children don't read about it, their children won't know about it. And if they don't know about it, it won't happen." — Judy Blume talks about censorship.
  • "When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up." — C.S. Lewis.
  • "We can’t teach creativity, but we can drive it out of people through schooling that centres not on children’s own questions but on questions dictated by an imposed curriculum that operates as if all questions have one right answer and everyone must learn the same things." — Gray, Peter (12 January 2014). "Give childhood back to children". Independent Voices. .
  • "Children do not belong in school. They belong in the world – participating in it, and experiencing it. This is what learning is made of. Education is another means of learning, and is sometimes useful. Schooling may be useful for the professions, but certainly not for children. Children need to learn about the world, the universe, and everything in it. This cannot happen in a building cut off from reality – it takes place by experiencing reality and questioning. Between natural curiosity and constant exposure, together with access to those who can encourage questioning, provide answers when needed, and guide research, learning is a non-variable trait in children." — Joshua Katz (29 November 2013). "Schools are Obamacare for Children". .
  • "Children's liberation is the next item on our civil rights shopping list." — Lettie Cottin Pogrebin.
  • "I think that the best thing we can do for our children is to allow them to do things for themselves, allow them to be strong, allow them to experience life on their own terms, allow them to take the subway... let them be better people, let them believe more in themselves." — C. Joybell C..

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